Cynthia Clarke's 60 Smoothie Sensations

by Cynthia Clarke (author), Christopher Clarke (photographer)

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Cynthia Clarke's 60 Smoothie Sensations

Paperback - 142 pages
First Edition, June 2000
ISBN 0-9666091-0-7
Recreate at Home series

            Smoothies are blended mixtures which are delicious and refreshing, satisfy your thirst and hunger at the same time, are favorites at meal time, snack time, and holiday party time, pack a powerhouse of healthy vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and are quick and are easy to make if you have a convenient book of recipes.

            Depending on your preferences, smoothies may combine some proportions of fruit, berries, nuts, sherbet, yogurt, juices, carbonated beverages, milk, grains, natural nutritional supplements, crushed ice, and/or whatever else I'm forgetting to mention. You push the high speed button on your blender, and quickly create something that seems just too tasty and invigorating for being so simple and inexpensive to produce.

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            With so many choices of ingredients and their preferred ratios, here's where you benefit from a well-organized and researched collection of recipes. Award-winning cook and author Cynthia Clarke recommends this many cups of sliced peaches, that many cups of strawberries, this many tablespoons of this, or pinches of that. You have a combination that you probably wouldn't have invented on your own, but has already been taste-tested and found to be a huge success.

            A convenient feature, the first section lists only the ingredients in each recipe. The next section provides each complete recipe.

            The index provides a perfect cross-reference. I want to make creative use of a watermelon, so I am directed to page 69. I want to see what I can do with a package of shredded coconut, and I'm pointed to pages 33, 38, 106, 110 and 118. Since I'm allergic to bananas, I will try out my own modifications to seven banana recipes.

            A table of 20 crunchy ingredients (such as grape nuts) and 20 nutritional ingredients (such as alfalfa) gives me a few more ideas. If you have a special dietary need, the way this book is arranged will help you have lots of fun while you are keeping healthy.

            After sixty smoothie recipes, you want more? An appendix explains how to apply these components and methods if you want to make muffins, pie filling, gelatin jigglers, ice cream, dip, or salad dressing. These are suggested as uses for smoothie leftovers if you have made too much, but you might find yourself mixing them on purpose.

            You even get tips on how to select the right bunch when you pick up fruit at the market.

            The mouth-watering photos of each recipe were taken by the author's husband, photographer Christopher Clarke. These brilliantly colorful photos on glossy paper are still life works of art, with beautiful glassware in color-coordinated ambiance.

Reviewed by Mike Lepore for

            Cynthia Clarke's 60 Smoothie Sensations is the first book in the Recreate at Home series. If the subsequent books carry on the superb quality of the first, you might find yourself desiring the entire set.

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Table of Contents

Cynthia Clarke's 60 Smoothie Sensations

Introduction				   6

Let's Get Started!                         8

The Menu				   10

The Recipes				   15

Orange Juice Mixers			   16

    Sumptuous Raspberry Orange
    Vigorous Orange
    Orange Glory
    Mango Orange Magnificence
    Blueberry Orange Affair
    Lofty Peach

Raspberry Juice Melange 		   28

    Raspberry Shower
    Jumbleberry Grandeur
    Tropical Berry
    Boysenberry Haven
    Blackberry Brilliance

Pineapple Juice Potpourri		   38

    The Ultimate Piña Colada
    Pineapple Fusion
    Mango Pineapple Miracle
    Pineapple Berry Riot
    Pineapple Majesty
    Strawberry Pleaser

Peach Juice Twisters			   50

    Peach Pleasure
    Blackberry Peach Enchantment
    Mango Peach / Apricot Delight
    Strawberry Peach Paradise
    Frosty Peach Banana
    Cherry - Berry Crave
    Pineapple Peach Enrapture
    Blackberry Banana Obsession

Apple Juice Alliance			   64

    Benevolent Peach
    Watermelon Rhapsody
    Blue - Cherry Splash

Lemonade Tangles			   72

    Blueberry Lemon Fantasia
    Raspberry Kiwi Refulgence
    Pineapple Sunshine
    Lusty Lemon
    Blackberrry Citrus Refresher
    Strawberry Lemon Illumination

Cranberry Juice Unities 		   84

    Sprightly Cranberry Blackberry
    Cranberry Velocity
    Mystical Cranberry
    Vivacious Pineapple
    Cherry Banana Imperial
    Cran - Blueberry Quencher

Limeade Luminaries			   96

    Pineapple Lime Whimsy
    Lime and Berry Explosion
    Citrus Berry Liaison

Miscellaneous Whirls			   102

    Peachy Passion
    Guava Sunset
    Guava Strawberry Refinement
    Raspberry Guava Rejuvenation
    Mango Blossom

Yogurt Concoctions			   112

    Raspberry Premier
    Celestial Peach
    Strawberry - Kiwi Rush
    Pineapple Coconut Frenzy
    Berry Berry Sagacious
    Tickle Me Lemon
    Jason's Banana Superb
    Peaches and Cream Supreme
    Nadine's Sunrise Motivation

Carbonated Compounds			   130

    Berry Bouquet
    Strawberry Blueberry Amour
    Sparkle Berry Divine

Did You Make Too Much?			   136

    1.	For a smoothie
    2.	For fruity muffins
    3.	For Fruit leather
    4.	For a fruit and cream pie
    5.	For a vinaigrette or salad dressing
    6.	For a fruit salad dressing or dip
    7.	For healthy fruity gelatin jigglers
    8.	For a fruity ice cream or pie sauce
    9.	For icy smoothies
    10. For delicious popsicles

Stir-ins and Supplements		   139


Index					   140

From the publisher:

Cynthia Clarke's 60 Smoothie Sensations

            "You gotta try this! It's good and fresh, and it fills me up. The fruit flavor is so powerful." Cynthia Clarke was looking for a healthy alternative to ice cream shakes and sodas when she first tasted this frosty drink. A mixture of berries and bananas with sherbet, her first smoothie was a real eye opener. "The energy I felt after drinking my first smoothie was incredible." She admits, "I've been hooked ever since."

            Before smoothies evolved, it was just orange juice or milk with breakfast. Now we can drink a fresh combination every morning from all the different blends Cynthia has invented. It took years of trial and error, but she has a big family, so she experimented on a daily basis to get the formulas just right. Actually, Cynthia has been training for this her whole life. She grew up in sunny, Southern California with tangerine, grapefruit and lemon trees in the backyard. "My dad used to make a citrus blend of fresh squeezed juice from our fruit trees. It was very refreshing on a hot afternoon," she remembers. "When we added crushed ice to the blender it was a real treat."

            With a family of her own and six little boys to feed, Cynthia has lots of hungry volunteers to sample her new creations. The book has been a family project. Her husband Chris is the photographer and designer. Each boy is pictured with his favorite smoothie (and cute smiles with lots of energy). Chris says, "It took a lot of work to put this book together, but it's been a delicious adventure."

            "We borrowed sixty place settings from a store with glasses, pitchers, napkins, utensils and placemats for the photos. Then we started blending and taking pictures," Chris recalls. "We used a digital camera with lights set up all over the house," he said. Cynthia asked friends and neighbors for help with the project. She remembers, "We asked if we could set up a photo shoot in their homes, and afterwards spent time sipping smoothies together." Everyone agreed, "It was a fun project."

            Cynthia Clarke's 60 Smoothie Sensations has been featured in book clubs and at local bookstores and gift shops all across the country. Chris says, "It's very popular. In fact, we're writing some new cookbooks on Outdoor Cooking and Bagels & Pretzels that will be out in 2001. We've developed a bunch of creative recipes we want to share with everyone."

            Cynthia is a blue ribbon cook with awards from state fairs, contests, and a wealth of experience. Chris loves to contribute his talents and will share his favorite camping recipes in their upcoming Outdoor Cooking book. If their first book is any indication of the quality we can expect from the Clarkes, we will all be healthier and happier as a result.

            We'll start with Cynthia Clarke's 60 Smoothie Sensations. Just in time for the holidays, it is a must-have recipe collection for every kitchen. A book of tasty treats the whole family will enjoy.

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Cynthia Clarke's 60 Smoothie Sensations

The following review is copied with permission from

            Cynthia Clarke's 60 Smoothie Sensations is better than all the rest!

            Raspberry Shower, Pineapple Berry Riot, The Ultimate Pina Colada, Peach Pleasure, Watermelon Rhapsody, Lusty Lemon, Cranberry Velocity, Pineapple Lime Whimsy (Front Cover Photo), Tickle Me Lemon, Strawberry Kiwi Rush and Mango Blossom are only a few of the fabulous smoothies that you will find in this book. These recipes have been tested by all kinds of people with great results every time.

            Cynthia Clarke is a prize winning cook and really knows how to make the best! These smoothies are exceptionally delicious and will quench your thirst and satisfy your appetite!

            This book is also fun to look at with a full color photo opposite each recipe so you will know what to expect before blending. Each smoothie has been photographed in imported glasses and stemware to show a variety of ways to serve your smoothies. You will also find bonus recipes to make out of smoothies, such as a smoothie pie, dip, ice cream sauce, salad dressing and more. There's a menu/ingredient list, stir-ins and supplement suggestions and fruit tips. All you need to know for refreshing blending is in this book. So give it a try.

            SAMPLE RECIPE: Peachy Passion, 2 cups passion fruit juice (Ocean Spray), 1 cup frozen peach slices, 1-1/2 cups frozen strawberries, 1 large banana (optional), 1 cup (packed) orange sherbet. Blend on high speed until smooth. Stop after 10 seconds to push down the peaches, if necessary. Pour into four 10 oz. or two 20 oz. chilled glasses. Serve immediately. Enjoy!

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