Tomorrow's Children : A Cherokee Elder's Guide To Parenting , by Tsolagiu M.A. RuizRazo

Book Classification : Parenting & Child Care - Preparation for Childbirth - Family Relationships -
Native American Cultures - Cherokee Traditions - Spirituality - Cherokee Wolf Clan

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Tomorrow's Children : A Cherokee Elder's Guide To Parenting
by Tsolagiu M.A. RuizRazo
Paperback - 120 pages
First Edition, 2004
Published by World Edition, USA
ISBN 0-9175227-0-7 / ISBN 0971522707

Book Review

The Cherokee people (Tsalagi) of North America have a long written and oral history, and a written language which uses a phonetic alphabet. Their ancient religious tradition includes an elaborate creation story. They have a sophisticated form of government based on a constitution which outlines executive, legislative and judicial branches. Missouri, Tennesee and Oklahoma are among the states that enjoy the largest population densities of Cherokee people. The Wolf Clan (Aniwayha) is the largest of the seven clans of the Cherokee Nation.

Tsolagiu M.A. RuizRazo is an elder of the Cherokee Wolf Clan. She was born and raised in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri and now lives in Tennessee, She is also a mother and grandmother, a poet and artist, and a public speaker who has been invited throughout the world to address groups on the subject of Native American philosophy. Her friends call her Toni.

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In 1999, Mrs. Tsolagiu RuizRazo wrote her first book, Spirit of the White Wolf Woman , a book of poems to convey peace of mind and wisdom about the human place in nature. She's back in 2004 with a book for parents, entitled Tomorrow's Children : A Cherokee Elder's Guide To Parenting.

A major emphasis in Tomorrow's Children is the importance that we "gain inner freedom in order to be good parents." [17] This requires "going inside of ourselves ... facing and then releasing any negative emotions ... fear ... pain, anger, sadness or loneliness.... releasing the pain carried from childhood that contributes to who we are now." [18] Parent should embark on this path, the author explains, before they decide to have a child, and reflect on why they wish to have a child. [19-20] The spiritual quest continues throughout the process of making parenting decisions [53], and through the child's adolescence.

The paperback book is an enjoyable and easy-to-read collection of short chapters, each about three pages.

The writing style is a delightful combination of the traditional and the modern. The best place to practice your spiritual meditation, the author advises, is in a warm bathtub, by candlelight. [37]

It's remarkable that so much knowledge possessed for thousands of years by indigenous cultures is now being rediscovered by modern psychology.

Among the numerous meditation exercises suggested is a visualization that helps to relieve physical pain. [29]

The advice in the book moves from the general to the specific. Personal perceptions and family life are transformed in wonderful ways when we have a "positive outlook" [35] and this attitude can be promoted by certain behaviors and habits [36].

While the reader may wish to consider the Cherokee remedies for morning sickness [58] and the birthing traditions [61], no one should fail to appreciate the fact, promoted eloquently by the author, that every member of the family has an important role in giving loving care to a child, including the father and father-to-be, and the grandparents [50].

I recommend Tomorrow's Children to those who wish to cultivate the feeling that a child is a sacred gift, a realization that all life is best when naturally balanced, and a growing understanding of Native American heritage.

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Part I : Preparation for Parenthood (9 chapters); Part II : Pregnancy, Birth, and Child Rearing (13 chapters); Part III : Children as Future Caretakers of Mother Earth (7 chapters). Additional appendices. No illustrations. 2-page table of contents. No index.

Book Description from the Publisher

Children taught to respect life can discover their individual purpose and together restore harmony to human relations and balance to Mother Earth. Drawing on the Cherokee Nation's earliest teachings, Tomorrow's Children shows prospective parents of all cultures and traditions how to go about this critical task. Practical wisdom, interwoven with insights into the forces of nature, offers assistance each step of the way -- from the time before conception through the years of parenting your teenager. Included are ceremonies and techniques for strengthening your child physically, emotionally, and spiritually, in preparation for pioneering a better future.

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Tomorrow's Children : A Cherokee Elder's Guide To Parenting
by Tsolagiu M.A. RuizRazo
ISBN 0-9175227-0-7 / ISBN 0971522707