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The following reviews were written by Kimberly Lepore, age 10

Pokemon Bean Bag Plush Toy : Pikachu #25 Pikachu
This funny mouse is a rare but cute Pokemon. Ash's favorite Pokemon is Pikachu. Pikachu is friendly if you just get to know him. There is a great thing about Pikachu. If you make your Pikachu evolve too quickly it won't learn battle tricks. Pikachu can learn to battle but not when he is Riachu.
Pokemon Bean Bag Plush Toy : Psyduck #54 Psyduck
Psyduck is a very boring but good listening Pokemon. Psyduck gets a bad headache -- Poor Psyduck ! Misty the Pokemon trainer captured Psyduck - or Psyduck captured himself.

Squirtle is a water Pokemon. Often you can find Squirtle in swamps, woods, and creeks. Squirtle can be friends with Pikachu and Charmander.
Squirtle #7 Bean Bag Plush Toy Gengar
This ghastly ghoul Pokemon makes good tricks -- at least that's what he thinks. On full moons, this Pokemon will haunt people thinking it's their shadow. Gengar will now laugh at their fright.
Pokemon Squeezie : Gengar

Pokemon Bean Bag Plush Toy : Poliwhirl #61 Poliwhirl
Poliwhirl is a funny-looking fellow. He evolves from a family of Poli's. Once Poliwhirl goes into the water for the first time he will want to be wet and slimy at all times.
Pokemon Bean Bag Plush Toy : Jigglypuff Jigglypuff
This sweet Pokemon might not be so sweet at all. Jigglypuff has a strong attack -- a lullaby ! It's surprising it can put any Pokemon asleep. After they're sleeping it's time to get back at them. Jigglypuff is a ball of puffiness.

Did you know Meowth is the only Pokemon who can speak human? That's why Meowth is special. He's also with Team Rocket, always trying to capture Pikachu.
Pokemon Jumbo Plush : Meowth #52 Eevee
Eevee can evolve into three different Pokemons. She would need water stone to become Vaporean, thunder stone to become Joltean, and fire stone to become Flareon. So Eevee is a lucky Pokemon !
Pokemon Bean Bag Plush Toy : Eevee #133

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