ClueFinders educational software by The Learning Company

ClueFinders children's software on CD-ROM for Windows 95 / 98 / Me / Macintosh

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ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures

ClueFinders 3th Grade Adventures

ClueFinders 4th Grade Adventures

Publisher's description for ClueFinders 4th Grade Adventures

  • Solve math problems with decimals as you stack column sections to build a miniature palace
  • Master U.S. and world geography, along with maps and legends, as you ship packages worldwide
  • Build reading comprehension, grammar skills, vocabulary, and spelling as you interpret written passages for clues
  • Develop knowledge of mass, force, and angles to construct a bridge
  • Use the jewels from Joni's backpack to complete the pattern on the palace doors

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ClueFinders 5th Grade Adventures

ClueFinders 5th Grade Adventures reviewed by Kimberly Lepore (age 10).

I got this software right at the end of fourth grade. It keeps kids using their brains in the summer. Most kids would say, why do work in the summer? Well, this is like a video game except with a little work between every part.

Publisher's description for ClueFinders 5th Grade Adventures

Uncover the hidden secrets of an uncharted island!

Mystery of the Living Volcano

The ClueFinders have washed ashore on a volcanic island and Owen and Leslie have disappeared! Explore and learn the secrets of the island's castaways to solve the mystery. Then, mastermind a brilliant rescue before the volcano blows!

Ages 9 - 11 +

  • VOCABULARY -- Choose your words and letters carefully to cross safely over the catwalk!
  • READING and HISTORY -- Place the tales of the castaways in the correct order to tell a meaningful story.
  • LANGUAGE ARTS -- Transform the words to create the CrypTiles you need to solve the puzzle.

More than 45 awards

The Learning Company
#1 in Schools

The ClueFinders' names are Owen, the guy with sunglasses, Leslie, with the yellow shirt and purple vest, there is Joni, the one with braids and glasses, and Santiago, with the yellow jacket. Yes, and we cannot forget Laptrap, the ClueFinders' laptop.

There are things like stories you put in order, like the tale of Henry Hudson and many more. You also follow instructions and make directions to find CrypTiles. Or you can fix mini submarines. You also help a worm kind of thing by making him air tubes, and that also gives you CrypTiles. CrypTiles are the metal kinds of things that Owen has in his hands. They have strange symbols that are changed so you can read them. After you collect the CrypTiles you either go to the faces within the face or sharks. It's like a movie you can just sit there and watch it. That's what I liked. There is more, but you will just have to buy it and find it out for yourself.

ClueFinders 5th Grade Adventures
Reviewed by Kimberly Lepore for

ClueFinders 6th Grade Adventures

ClueFinders 6th Grade Adventures


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Clue Finders Detective Training : The Mystery of Monkey Kingdom
Click Here

Publisher's description for
ClueFinders Search and Solve Adventures

ClueFinders Search and Solve Adventures

There's something suspicious in the dark night sky: flashing lights from an old, abandoned amusement park. Thrills, chills, and problem-solving skills await you in this haunted amusement park adventure. Join the ClueFinders as they venture into a haunted carnival on a mystery-solving quest. You'll need all the nerve, wits, and problem-solving smarts you can muster to crack this creepy case.

  • Ages 9 and up
  • 9 activities at 4 skill levels
  • Learn through cool carnival activities
  • Build more than 15 critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Create, encode, and print top-secret messages
  • Detailed help feature

Keep the learning excitement alive after the computer's turned off with the real-world adventure kit, included in the program. You can create cool maps to guide your friends on treasure hunts, and use the logbook and calendar to plan activities, keep on schedule, and record your daily thoughts and achievements. You can also create, encode, and print top-secret messages with the encoder/decoder, and make good dollars-and-cents sense with the money tracker. The sound transformer lets you change the sound of your voice, your dog's bark, or any sound you can record. The club kit has everything you need to help you start your own club, host activities, solve mysteries, and dream up new adventures.
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