Terrorism September 11, 2001 and the USA Military Response

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A chronology from the first bombing of a civilian plane in 1955, to the 2001 war in Afghanistan

Glossary of personal names recently in the news
alphabetized by last name

Crown Prince Abdullah
Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia
Dr. Abdullah Abdullah
Foreign Minister of the Northern Alliance (United Front) of Afghanistan
Mohammad Abulhasan
Ambassidor from Kuwait to the United Nations
Qari Ahmadullah
Head of intelligence for the Taliban government of Afghanistan
Saif al Adel
An al Qaeda member suspected of training the killers of 18 US troops in Somalia in 1993, according to intelligence received by British PM Tony Blair; added to the FBI Most Wanted List on 10/9/01.

Glossary of names
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we have on file

Many nonfiction readers' interests
changed after 9/11

          Since we have found ourselves recently in the midst of what President Bush calls "a new kind of war," the bestseller ranking for nonfiction has been affected by a new trend of interests among readers.

          The superb book Bin Laden : The Man Who Declared War on America , by Yossef Bodansky was on back-order as of September 11, but then the publisher broke all industry records and within days made it available once again. Even Germs : Biological Weapons and America's Secret War , written by New York Times staff member Judith Miller, was rushed through a second edition, even though the book's first release was in early September 2001 -- the first run was 15,000 copies, but 115,000 were sold in the two weeks after 9/11.

          The second half of September saw an abrupt surge in readers' requests for the already-existing-as-of-9/11 books about the World Trade Center, such as Divided We Stand by Dartin (both facts about the towers as well as some social commentary), and Twin Towers by Gillespie (facts about the towers and the planning and building process).

          Some post-9/11 productions about the WTC are also coming out. We plan to review them soon, but we begin only by highly recommending that you tack the World Trade Center 2002 Memorial Wall Calendar on your wall.

          Be forewarned that the new book Twilight Sky : Air Disaster at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon , by Tim Vasquez leans toward the aviation aspects of September 11, i.e., flight information, navigation charts, etc.

          Many readers are looking for details about military technology, and are grabbing Tom Clancy's Guided Tour books, namely, Carrier : A Guided Tour of an Aircraft Carrier and his related Airborne and Marine books in the series.

          Among the books about the repression of women's rights in many Islamic countries, be careful not to confuse Price of Honor , by Jan Goodwin with a book that has a similar title, The Price of Honor , by David H. Hackworth . Note that the full title of Goodwin's book is Price of Honor : Muslim Women Lift the Veil of Silence on the Islamic World . She has thoroughly investigated the oppression of women in such countries as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Some readers may confuse it with Hackworth's novel about a fictitious covert military operation, because Hackworth has been recently making the rounds of TV talk shows.

          In our list of new books about 9/11 ( scroll further down ), please make note of which titles raise money from sales for nonprofit and humanitarian causes.

          We have also started listing videos below, and will soon add DVD.

... to be continued ...

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New : About September 11, 2001

World Trade Center : Published Before 9/11/01

Terrorism is not new to Americans. Until recently, most known terrorists within U.S. borders have been racists and so-called "super-patriots." However, since September 11, 2001, many of us have begun to educate ourselves about those terrorists who attempt to hide behind the name of the Holy Prophet Muhammed, just as the Ku Klux Klan attempts to hide behind the name of Jesus. As Rudy Giuliani said on the Larry King show 10/3/01,
"Any religion can be perverted by power-seeking maniacs."

--   the editors of

Osama bin Laden

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