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simpsons clue
game board
simpsons clue
game character, weapon,
places cards
simpsons clue
character cards
simpsons clue
playing game accessories
simpsons clue
data card
simpsons clue
game in process
simpsons clue
weapons : poisoned donut,
necklace, saxophone,
slingshot, plutonium rod
simpsons clue
playing pieces
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The Simpson's Clue game is full of fun! The playing pieces for the game are the characters from The Simpsons TV show, except they are in disguise. Homer as Mr. Green, Marge as Mrs. Peacock, Krusty the Clown as Col. Mustard, Waylon Smithers as Mrs. White, Lisa as Miss Scarlet, and Bart as Prof. Plum. These characters are also the suspects for the crime of Mr. Burns' death.

The game needs 3-6 players, and the ages recommended is 8 years to adult. The object of the game is to answer the questions of who, where, and with what weapon was Mr. Burns was killed. Some of the places are Barney's Bowl-A-Rama and the Nuclear Power Plant. Some of the weapons are a necklace and a poisoned donut.

Each player is given a clue sheet and cards that are telling who is not the suspect, the place, or the weapon. The cards are evenly passed around the group of players except for the 3 cards that are in the confidential folder. The players share their clues with the other players until someone solves the 3 cards that are in the folder and announces them and then checks the folder to see if he/she is correct.

This game is a ball to play, but make sure you have a few hours put aside for it, because the game does take a while. I hope my review of The Simpson's Clue will help you determine if this is the game for you. I very much recommend this game for any Simpsons or the game of Clue fans!

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The Simpsons Clue board game is made by Parker Brothers

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