Soccer : Kicking With TrophyMan

Soccer instructional video for children by the Sports Learning Company

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Soccer : Kicking With TrophyMan by the Sports Learning Company

Soccer : Kicking With TrophyMan, produced by the Sports Learning Company, features two instructional videos on one VHS cassette.

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The first segment (25 minutes) inspires younger kids with self-confidence. It provides reassurance that anyone can improve any skill through practice, while having fun.

The second segment (56 minutes), suitable for all ages, features two teenage instructors who explain and demonstrate the basics of soccer, including the ready position, dribbling, cutting, trapping, shooting, heading, punting, passing and scoring. The second segment also demonstrates several drills which, while using a soccer ball as a prop, may also be added to anyone's program of aerobic fitness and developing coordination.

Part 1 :
a synopsis of the TrophyMan story

Asteroids swirl in outer space, and a glowing object falls to earth in an industrial city, near a foundry that is making soccer trophies. A group of young kids play soccer in the park on a sunny day. As they walk home, Joey, a boy of about 10 (played by young actor Sam Gleneck) confides in his friend that he didn't play too well, and that he's usually the last kid to get picked for a team. As Joey reaches his house, he hears a mysterious voice call him by name. He follows the voice to the attic, and finds a trophy -- a little golden man standing on a pedestal. The trophy comes to life as a caped super-hero, and identifies himself as Fred P. TrophyMan. TrophyMan (played by actor and comedian Dennis Phillippi) explains to Joey that everyone can have talents by practicing. He also explains, "It doesn't matter whether you're picked first, or a hundred and first. The important thing is to have fun." TrophyMan emphasizes, "Soccer is about having fun, not making fun of others." TrophyMan agrees to help Joey become better at soccer, but TrophyMan requires that Joey first make promise: "If you're ever better at anything that anyone, you can never make fun of them." Later, when Joey is playing outside, TrophyMan's friend, Coach (played by John Locke) comes along and introduces himself. [At videotape time index :13 minutes] Coach gives Joey specific pointers about practicing, including safety rules. Then Referee (played by Brian Sharpe) magically appears. Referee explains some basic rules, including those about safety and good attitude. After three weeks of practice, Joey is filled with confidence and joins a game. His performance is much better. Back at home, TrophyMan talks to Joey about the importance of hard work and dedication. TrophyMan, now standing on the moon, makes a few final remarks.

Part 2:
"Time Out for Training with Grant and Clark"

[Videotape time index :25 minutes] Two teenagers, national high school champions Grant Paule and Clark Talley, run this portion of the video.

Grant (now a collegiate soccer player) introduces himself, then explains how to play, and maintain proper stance and balance. Clark joins in for the lessons on passing, and later gives the lessons on goalie techniques. TrophyMan sits on the side in a lawn chair, eats a bucket of popcorn, and occasionally makes humorous comments about the lessons. [The time index points on the VHS tape (minutes) are indicated in brackets.]

[:27] Ready position

[:30] Dribbling instructions

[:33] Cutting

[:35] Passing instructions

Grant and Clark explain and demonstrate the three types of passing, including their similarities and differences:

  1. Short pass with the inside of the foot
  2. Short pass with the outside of the foot
  3. The long pass

[:46] Practice drills

In his introductory remarks, Grant talks about the importance of good nutrition; the principles of fairness and being a good sport; avoidance of smoking, alcohol and drugs.

Grant now demonstrates a number of practice drills. These are the drills of which I early remarked that they are excellent, not only for playing soccer, but for any aerobic fitness program, and developing better balance and coordination. (For example, I note the similarity between some of these soccer foot switching drills and the foot switching used in the Tae Kwon Do side kick.)

Grant gradually increases the complexity of the drills.

[:53] Trapping instructions

Grant explains and demonstrates the three ways to trap the ball:

  1. Foot trap
  2. Thigh trap
  3. Chest trap

[:58] Shooting and Scoring

  • Introductory Explanation
  • Hard Shot
  • Inside Foot and Outside Foot

[1:06] Heading Instructions

The lesson includes safety rules for hitting the ball with your head.

[1:08] Goalie Techniques

  • Clark introduces himself and lesson
  • Foot positions
  • Catching
  • Throwing -- The two types of throwing are ...
    • Overhand
    • Bowling
  • Punting
  • "Putting it all together"

[1:18] Concluding remarks by Grant and Clark.
Concluding remarks by TrophyMan.

I recommend that parents buy this video for their kids, for its unique combination of well-organized soccer lessons with moral and character-building advice.

Reviewed by Mike Lepore for

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Soccer : Kicking With TrophyMan
video by the Sports Learning Company